It’s time to tally up all the numbers and make a status, albeit a bit more delayed than I would have liked.

In the last few days of December, I moved a lot of money around for tax purposes. Some of which went from my overdraft account back into my Enkeltmandsvirksomhed to reduce my tax burden in 2017.

Around the time I started my journey, I got a claim from SU Styrelsen that I made too much money in 2016 and thus should pay back what I got from them in 2016. They even were so nice as to slap a ~8% interest rate on it in addition to a ~7,000kr fine.

My first goal for 2018 would be to pay off that claim, possibly using money from my overdraft account which has 5.45% interest. My car asset of 5,000kr is also going to be ignored as that is just the scrap value of the car and the amount is negligible compared to my other assets.

In 2017 I had a goal of reaching -1,400,000kr net worth. Unfortunately, I fell ~3,000 short. If I had not withdrawn the 23,456kr from eToro for tax purposes, I would have made it — my plan is to restart my eToro investment through my Holding company, but more on that in a future post.

Don’t cry over spilt milk, right. My goals for 2018 are;

  • Read 2 books per month
  • Have an average savings rate of 50%
  • Reach 1,750,000kr net worth
  • Lose 10 kgs
  • Pay off SU back payment
  • Pay off Car loan

I’m starting the year with the following numbers:

Category Value
Assets 2,965,722kr
Aldersopsparing 500kr
Rate pension 54,513kr
Crypto 381,156kr
Nordnet 129,553kr
Apartment 2,400,000kr
Liabilities -2,231,801kr
SU backpayment -29,689kr
SU loan -39,853kr
Mortgage -1,798,811kr
Overdraft -343,448kr
Car loan -20,000kr
Net worth 733,921kr