I started my journey towards financial freedom, popularly dubbed FIRE, around a year ago. Shortly after I tried blogging a bit about it, but it never really stuck.

I'm gonna give it one more try, using a different platform with more emphasis on the content creation and writing than tweaking 117 different settings in the backend.

Some of the content from the old site is going to be republished at some point, some already have and some is going to be rewritten. My initial idea with the blog was to thoroughly research a subject and write it up in a somewhat digestible way.

This however, resulted in me having quite a few draft posts with varying degree of content and research – half finished posts that never saw the light of day.

Instead of trying to research a huge subject and describe it in one post, I'm gonna try describe smaller parts of a subject and tie them together in series in the hope of making content production easier for me and more easily readable for consumers.